Ramp up your cross-training classes at our state-of-the-art West Los Angeles gym, Sparta Academy. Our Sparta cross-training system is a unique and dynamic workout in multiple sports including [...]

Fitness Classes

Sparta Academy offers a wide range of fitness classes in West Los Angeles. These classes are aimed to improve your personal health, fitness, strength, and well-being. We have an incredible [...]

Kids Martial Arts & Fitness Classes

If you’re looking for kids martial arts and fitness classes in West Los Angeles that are engaging and fun, come to Sparta Academy. The Sparta Academy youth program focuses on an array of [...]

Cardio & Endurance

At Sparta Academy, we believe in the benefits of adding cardio to your training sessions at our¬†facility in West Los Angeles. If your cross-training routine isn’t making room to include [...]

Strength Training

Sparta Academy is ready to help turn you into a physical powerhouse with a steady regimen of strength training at our exclusive West LA gym. We’re leading the charge in the cross training [...]

Speed & Agility Training

Sparta Academy invites you to become a better, faster athlete with speed and agility training at our Los Angeles, California facility. With increased speed and agility, you’ll discover what [...]

Toning & Body Sculpting

When you’re ready to get serious about body toning and muscle building, stop by Sparta Academy in West Los Angeles and learn the best ways to optimize your workout with one of our elite and [...]

Bootcamp Training

Get in the best shape of your life with bootcamp training classes at Sparta Academy in West Los Angeles. Modeled after old-school military training, boot camps offer a more challenging and varied [...]