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  • Great gym! The trainers are great teachers and very friendly. Everyone who goes is very welcoming and there’s a lot of diversity. I do MMA and Cross Training and have never had a bad experience!

    Brennan M., September 2018
  • The first time we met, we started working out right away, no messing around- Friendly and courteous but will make you work. Although we just started, I know I will see results quickly. The gym has a good vibe, everyone is friendly, but everyone works hard!

    Mr. B., January 2018
  • What an amazing gym! They have everything, personal training, self-defense sessions and even weightlifting. I was so impressed with the facility and all the crazy cool equipment. I enjoyed working out, even tho I wouldn't admit it to my trainer. He pushed me beyond what I thought I could do but I saw results and I think it's worth every penny! If your looking for a new kind of gym this is it.

    Brandon H., September 2017
  • I've only been training at Sparta a few weeks but already I feel stronger and more confident. I cross train, kickbox and practice Krav Maga here- all in the same place with the same super rad people. It may feel a bit intimidating at first but you'll quickly move past that when you see how welcoming and playful everyone is. Really supportive environment while at the same time pushing you to step out of your comfort zone and go for it. JJ and Zach are awesome- they are always there to ensure you're using proper form for greater efficacy and to prevent injury. Being someone who got stuck in a boring cardio rut for a few years, exercising is now something I look forward to. Also my butt is looking pretty good already so thanks guys!

    Jessica B., August 2017
  • Jonathan is completely present, completely encouraging, and pushes me to do my best. He doesn't have that over-the-top annoying trainer vibe, either; he's just solid and awesome. His gym is great: the equipment is clean and in perfect condition, and the people that show up are all serious about improving their health and fitness and hitting their goals. Hire this guy.

    Conner H., May 2017
  • I was introduced to Jonathan through my fiance, who has achieved good fitness and weight loss in only a short period of time. I went to him to improve core strength for running. Having never really lifted a day in my life, I'm lifting more than I thought was possible, notably in only a couple of month's time. It's also a lot of fun! Jonathan is a great instructor who has a knack for sizing up what you are capable of and how far he can reasonably push you. It helps that he is nice, fun to hang out with, and encouraging. He is clearly an expert in the space. Additionally, everyone at the gym is very nice and willing to help. They've worked collaboratively to help watch our son at the gym when we haven't had a sitter. I'm struck by how they are all genuinely committed to your well being and progress.

    Chris O., February 2017
  • Allison F, hired by Jonathon in 2015

    I began training with Jonathan a year before my wedding and have continued to train with him since the big day. Prior to training with Jon, I worked out regularly (ran, yoga, light weights), but felt like I hit a plateau. He pushed me to try Olympic lifts, exercises I never had any interest in doing. With Jon's patience and guidance (especially on form), I became addicted. Thanks to Jon, I never felt better than I did on my wedding day and had the stamina to dance four hours straight in a wedding dress and heels.

    Allison F, hired by Jonathon in 2015
  • Eddie J, hired Jonathan in 2015

    JJ is the man. Not only is he determined to help you reach your goals, but he makes the whole process a fun and comfortable environment. He has helped me not only get in the best shape of my life, but also helped me to gain the confidence I needed to succeed in things outside of health and fitness. He genuinely cares about his clients and wants to see you succeed in all of your goals. Through the past year and a half of working with JJ, he has not only became a great trainer for me, but a great friend. I appreciate everything he had done for me and won't forget it. I would recommend him to anybody who is willing to do the work to get where you want, JJ will get you there. Great trainer, great person.

    Eddie J, hired Jonathan in 2015
  • Jonathan is by far the most skilled and dependable fitness expert I've had the privilege to train with. He takes a genuine personal interest in ensuring I achieve my goals. It's clear that this is not just a job for Jonathan, it's his true passion. When I found Jonathan I was recovering from multiple sports related overuse injuries. I was terrified to re-injure myself, but I was determined to re-gain my strength and get back into shape. Though I was a yoga teacher and had trained in and out of the gym for many years, I simply couldn't trust myself to train alone as I'd clearly developed so many bad habits that had caused me years of aches and pains. Jonathan has been a true life-saver. With him by my side, I can push my edges safely...I know he's got me. With his deep bench of experience as a athlete and a professional trainer, I have absolute confidence in him, and I'm so grateful for his commitment to me week after week. He displays the kind of dedication and discipline that inspires and motivates me to give him my absolute best. I highly recommend Jonathan if you're looking for a truly kick-ass coach who will challenge you to do more then you thought possible. Whether you're new to fitness or a skilled athlete preparing for competition, I'm certain he can tailor a workout regime that will bring you the results you're after and so much more.

    Sonya L., hired Jonathan in 2016
  • Well considering I am sore- I think he did a great job! Looking forward to more training.

    Andrew, hired Jonathan in 2013
  • Jorge O, hired Jonathan in 2013

    After losing a lot of weight I started seeking a trainer that could help me build muscle properly. Unlike many trainers if talked with at local gyms, JJ practices what he preaches and its clear he knows what he's doing. I felt confident working with him after our very first session. He has a wide variety of workouts that will keep you on your toes. Each week has been different and intense. Its only been two weeks and I'm seeing improvements to my strength and body already!

    Jorge O, hired Jonathan in 2013
  • JJ has been training me for the last 5 weeks. He is absolutely fantastic. He is patient explains everything in a simple way. He listens to what I need and plans my training routine accordingly and very genuine. He makes sure that you not just go to the gym and workout but also has have fun and enjoy what you are doing. He knows when to push you and when to stop. He is always on time for the workout sessions and very focused during the workout sessions. He makes sure that you are motivated and you reach your desired goals. Thanks JJ.

    Raguvind T., hired Jonathan in 2013
  • Daniel L., hired Jonathan in 2013

    Started working out with JJ last month, and so far, it's been excellent. He keeps me on a good plan and keeps me focused both in and out of our sessions. And the actual workouts are pretty hardcore; JJ pushes me to my limits and doesn't accept anything less. I come out of every session in tears (just kidding), but I know it's a good thing because I've worked hard and accomplished something. Besides being a great trainer, JJ is also a really cool guy. He's down-to-earth and hilarious. And his fitness and physique also speak for themselves and to the fact that he knows what he's talking about.

    Daniel L., hired Jonathan in 2013
  • James S., hired Jonathan in 2013

    You get what you ask for! After years of working out on my own I reached a plateau, was unable to gain any increase in size, strength, or weight. Have only been with JJ for 3 weeks, but I have to say after every workout I am exhausted and sore. Definitely haven’t sweated this much before, he really does push you to achieve your absolute best. Have already gained a little muscle weight and am very excited to see a transformation over the next few months.

    James S., hired Jonathan in 2013
  • Rollan M., hired Jonathan in 2014

    Started to work with Jonathan in January. We have 5 classes a week, 3 weightlifting and 2 fighting/MMA classes. I've never been fit before and 100 lbs overweight. Now, beginning of March. I lost 25 lbs of weight at the same time GAINING muscles. I'm much stronger and easily do 4 times bigger weight than during the first session. I have a remarkable progress in fighting classes as well, I'm much more faster, coordinated and confident. And the most amazing thing is that I enjoy the classes. I was always was a person who HATED the concept of workouts. I hated it so much that I avoided even walking! You won't regret if you hire Jonathan.

    Rollan M., hired Jonathan in 2014
  • Robbie L., hired Jonathan in 2014

    JJ gets five stars because he's a fitness Jedi. Examples: A few months ago I would have rather eaten glass than do lunges. Now I carry heavy things and do lots of them. I actually look forward to going to the gym, being at the gym is fun, and I'm bummed when its not the day to go to the gym. This is obviously mind-trickery. In actual seriousness: I have a lot of "I can't"s in my head (and also in my knee) and JJ is always my "You can," and that is invaluable to me. Now someone get him a lightsaber.

    Robbie L., hired Jonathan in 2014
  • John M., hired Jonathan in 2014

    In just one month so far, JJ has done wonders for me, I have continued to drop the goal weight I targeted for myself with his training skills but more importantly the tone and definition that is taking place with strong and fun training style has been amazing. He is the Michelangelo of trainers!

    John M., hired Jonathan in 2014
  • Brian G., hired Jonathan in 2014

    Here's my review: Hire this guy. So far so great working out w/ JJ. I'm looking to put on 10-15 lbs of muscle, maybe more, and after two weeks I'm already seeing results. This guy is professional, plain and simple. He shows up on time; he asks what you're looking for and tailors the workouts around those goals; he pushes when you need it and reigns you in when you need it; the dude is personable and is very good about training safe and avoiding injuries that will slow you down; and you get all this for a reasonable and competitive rate. Can't say enough about this guy. Hire him - now.

    Brian G., hired Jonathan in 2014
  • Christina O., hired Jonathan in 2014

    Every session is a ton of fun-- it doesn't even feel like working out but I definitely feel it the next day! I feel so much stronger and have been exercise injury free for the first time in almost 10 years. 🙂

    Christina O., hired Jonathan in 2014
  • Robert F., hired Jonathan in 2014

    Met with Jonathan today- he seems to know his stuff. Looking forward to having him kick me into shape.

    Robert F., hired Jonathan in 2014
  • I have worked with many trainers and JJ is by far the best I have seen in Los Angeles. Every goal we set together was met via JJ’s consistent razor sharp, focused, professionalism.

    EB, hired Jonathan in 2010
  • Jorge Fernandez, hired Jonathan in 2012

    Jonathan cares about you and, most importantly, he values your personal time. He's never late to your session, he gives you the attention you need to get the most out of your training, and, when you're at the gym, you workout--there's no screwing around. And on top of all of this, he makes exercise enjoyable. Before meeting Jonathan, I hated working out--it was a chore. Now, I look forward to getting up before dawn to get my ass kicked at the gym!

    Jorge Fernandez, hired Jonathan in 2012
  • Steve Soucy, hired Jonathan in 2011

    Jonathan Howard is THE best trainer in Los Angeles. Hands-down. And I know what I'm talking about, as I've been to more than a few over the course of the last 15 years. Jonathan lives and breathes personal training, and is there for his clients during every workout. He inspires, he motivates, he pushes gently or a bit more aggressively when the situation calls for it. He's constantly in-tune with his clients and checks in on important pieces of the process, such as diet and working out solo, when he's not around. I can't recommend Jonathan more highly. I'm devoted to his work and to the results that he's helped me to achieve.

    Steve Soucy, hired Jonathan in 2011
  • Dave Mace, hired Jonathan in 2007

    Jonathan is the ultimate trainer! He's a complete pro-friendly attitude, always on time, he gives you a custom designed workout, he understands your limitations and respects them--all at a very competitive rate. JJ helped me set my fitness goals and not only did I achieve those goals, with JJ's help, I SURPASSED them. In short, JJ rocks!

    Dave Mace, hired Jonathan in 2007
  • Wyatt Earp, hired Jonathan in 2008

    Jonathan's training approach is 100% about you winning. This approach has made a significant and life changing impact on my thinking and doing when it comes to physical challenges. He inspires all his clients to be athletes and helps push past limitations while being mindful of which obstacles are real and which are habitual. Definitely not just a pick up heavy things and put them back down mentality. Want a committed coach, mentor and champion? Hire Jonathan.

    Wyatt Earp, hired Jonathan in 2008
  • Tim Biggins, hired Jonathan in 2010

    Jonathan is a one of a kind personal trainer. His extensive sports background lends itself well to personal training. He works with clients who are just beginners and need alot of guidance and personal attention as well as those who have been working out forever and just need a good kick start with different workout routines and techniques. I have been training with Jonathan for over a year and have seen my body transform. I couldn't recommend him more.

    Tim Biggins, hired Jonathan in 2010
  • Monica Algarra , hired Jonathan in 2011

    Jonathan was exactly the trainer i was looking for. Someone that could help me with all of the things girls worry about - arms, butt, legs, etc. I wanted to get long and lean without bulking up and getting too muscular and he helped me tone up perfectly. I've never been happier with my body. He is also incredibly respectful of me and sensitive to my needs. I've never felt so motivated.

    Monica Algarra , hired Jonathan in 2011
  • Rhys Wakefield, hired Jonathan in 2011

    JJ has managed to find that perfect balance between pushing you to your limit, whilst supporting you at the same time. I trained for a specific component of fitness and he customized my regime accordingly. If you don't want results. Dont see JJ.

    Rhys Wakefield, hired Jonathan in 2011
  • Keith Ferrazzi, hired Jonathan in 2006

    I focus on the power of networks and love helping others understand the power of, and develop, their own. Part of who you are and what you can contribute to those around you is your personal health, fitness and well-being. I can say with no reservations that JJ has been instrumental in helping me develop my body and mind through a comprehensive program including diet, discipline and creative exercise that keeps me coming back for more. I highly recommend him as an effective and authentic personal trainer.

    Keith Ferrazzi, hired Jonathan in 2006
  • Maggie Han, hired Jonathan in 2011

    I really like to challenge myself and JJ is the perfect trainer to help me push myself harder than I ever thought I could go. Now I’m in the best shape of my life and totally addicted to his workouts. I’ve found him to be completely reliable, always on time, professional and easy to talk to. I’d recommend him to anyone, man or woman, for a good solid workout.

    Maggie Han, hired Jonathan in 2011
  • Jason Heat Rosell, hired Jonathan in 2000

    If you are looking for incredible MMA technique/self defense/endurance or just a simple kick ass workout! Jonathon Howard @ Spartan Fitness is who you need to go to. Tell him I referred you.

    Jason Heat Rosell, hired Jonathan in 2000
  • Kym, hired Jonathan in 2013

    A few months ago, I sought out Jonathan to prepare me for a physical agility test with the local law enforcement agencies. I was recovering from a serious ankle injury and had limitations on my ability to train. He was able to tailor a workout plan, implementing both an indoor and outdoor regime that would achieve my goals while strengthening my ankle. Jonathan formulated a program that would coincide with my physical therapy in order to achieve the maximum results. Without Jonathan's skills I would not have been able to accomplish this on my own.

    Kym, hired Jonathan in 2013
  • Kelly Perdew, hired Jonathan in 2011

    JJ is an expert in his field. He helped me identify primary objectives, created a plan to accomplish those objectives, and had diligently and creatively kept me on the path. JJ is a great personal trainer and I highly recommend him to all levels - novice or pro - he provides fantastic value.

    Kelly Perdew, hired Jonathan in 2011
  • Cathy, hired Jonathan in 2013

    I have been working out all of my life, but now as a grandmother I'm the strongest I've ever been and more toned, thanks to JJ. Now I can do pushups and pullups on my own! He takes my fitness goals seriously and gives me undivided attention during our coaching sessions. JJ is the real deal.

    Cathy, hired Jonathan in 2013
  • Kenan H., hired Jonathan in 2013

    JJ is AWESOME. He is extremely knowledgable, helpful, and adaptable. I've seen a lot of trainers at my gym, and said trainers often look away from clients to text message, chat, or they waste time with the client. Jonathan LISTENS, he WATCHES, and he HELPS every step of the way. No time is wasted. His work goes beyond the weights and the machines. He'll help your diet and anything else you might need. Most importantly, he's fun. He is emotionally supportive and humorous, and you'll simply have a great time working with him. 'Nuff said.

    Kenan H., hired Jonathan in 2013
  • I had seen the amazing results that my friend Cort had gotten from training with JJ and decided to get in touch. I had been away from the gym for over a year due to a shoulder injury and was ready to get into weight training once again and get fit. JJ assured me I could achieve my goal to get strength back and protect my shoulder, as he had dealt with those issues himself. Not only did I start seeing strength gains immediately, but I also had less pain in my shoulder and neck because we were strengthening those muscles every week. I continue to see big gains in strength and JJ continues to push me towards personal records week after week in the weight I am lifting. He is expert at motivating me to keep at it and to keep achieving. JJ is awesome!

    Troy Underwood, hired Jonathan in 2011
  • Jonathan Howard has been my personal trainer for over three years, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a worthwhile training experience. Over the past three years, my body has transformed. I have lost weight and gained muscle. I look years younger than when I started. At all times, I have found Jonathan to be professional, personable and absolutely reliable. As a former collegiate and professional athlete, Jonathan offers his clients a wealth of real-world fitness experience and knowledge from a lifetime of athletic achievement. But, as quickly becomes obvious, Jonathan's personal commitment to fitness did not end when his career as a professional athlete ended. He continues to work hard every day to achieve physical excellence, and, by his discipline, inspires his clients to do the same. In addition to being a great athlete and trainer, Jonathan is a professional who respects his client's time and investment. He does not cancel at the last minute or show up late.

    Aaron Cole, hired Jonathan in 2008
  • Jack Bitton, hired Jonathan in 2012

    Results! JJ is in a class by himself. He really knows how to customize your workout routine to fit the results you are looking for. JJ is committed to his craft and is the best trainer I have ever had. Make no mistake about it, if you are serious about getting in the best shape of your life, he is the only choice! I love you man!

    Jack Bitton, hired Jonathan in 2012
  • Mark, hired Jonathan in 2010

    I met Jonathan back in 2010 through an introduction from a friend. I have to say in all the years I have been using trainers, I have never had anyone like Jonathan who trains you like you are an athlete getting ready to compete. Jonathan assesses where your strengths and weaknesses are and focuses on building up your weakness to balance your body so it can function with greater prevention of injury. I like the fact he never lets you slacken off and wimp out of the hard exercises. Physically having the fitness, strength and agility to perform the demands that my job requires as a Steadicam and Camera Operator on feature films , has been the greatest reward from the conditioning that I have attained through consistent training with Jonathan. I only wish I could take him with me on the next job in Africa. Thanks Jonathan, going to miss you. Now can I have the workout schedule ??

    Mark, hired Jonathan in 2010
  • Ryan, hired Jonathan in 2014

    I have always thought of myself as "in shape" and never thought personal training was something that I would get into. Growing up I played in sports leagues and have always been a member of some type of gym so I figured I was set for all my fitness needs. I learned about Spartan Elite Fitness from my brother who had joined last year and after some consistent, hard work, started seeing great results. I didn't think I needed a personal trainer myself but since my brother had done so well at Spartan Elite I figured I would give it a chance. I'll never forget my first session and the great intro JJ gave me to Spartan Elite training. The workout was tough, I pushed my body way harder than I would have on my own and afterwards I FELT GREAT! I have been training with Spartan Elite for 5 months now, have seen great results and feel better than ever. I have lost 15 pounds, gained strength by putting on lean muscle and have increased the speed and distance I run. JJ customizes each session to your personal needs and abilities. Want to strength train, interested in increasing flexibility, need to shed those extra pounds or are in great shape already but need that extra push to get to the next level of your game, Spartan Elite will make it happen. JJ is also a trained mixed martial artist and self defense instructor so can weave martial arts training into workouts to keep cardio sessions interesting or can build focused programs on learning fighting techniques if you just want to focus on personal self defense. Scheduling training sessions is easy and JJ works with you and your schedule to find a time and workout routine that will work for you. I highly recommend Spartan Elite Fitness and urge anyone who is interested in getting in shape and staying in shape to try it.

    Ryan, hired Jonathan in 2014
  • Michael , hired Jonathan in 2014

    In my short time with JJ, I’ve lost over 70 pounds and have built muscle I never thought possible! He’s an amazing personal trainer who will push you to your boundaries to see results and achieve the goals you set out for yourself. He also makes safety a top priority, so he teaches all of his clients proper technique and will make sure you are training effectively every time to avoid injury. I ask a lot of questions about nutrition and exercise, and JJ always provides in-depth insights and thoughts about ways to continually improve. For once in my life, I’m actually excited to work out and improve my health. Whatever your fitness goals, I’d highly recommend JJ – he’ll make you work for it but it’s all worth it when you begin to see change!

    Michael , hired Jonathan in 2014
  • Todd, hired Jonathan in 2013

    JJ and I have started an intense workout regimen that quite frankly is kicking my a@%... but is exactly what I need to get back into shape both in muscle tone and cardiovascular stamina. He is at once approachable and friendly, he doesn't shout but will hold you to pushing yourself as far as you can go, and then a little more. If you are committed to getting into shape, I HIGHLY recommend meeting up with JJ. He is also extremely knowledgeable regarding nutrition and will literally answer any nutrition questions I have as often as I have them throughout the day via text in a very quick manner. I also really love the variety of workouts he has led me through: weigh training, intense cardio, interval training, boxing/martial arts... I'm pretty convinced he can do anything. Three things you should know: 1. You will sweat... a lot! 2. You will be sore... really sore. 3. You will have a good time through it.

    Todd, hired Jonathan in 2013
  • Jillian P., hired Jonathan in 2015

    I am an athlete at heart and I found myself completely unhappy with my body and health about a year ago. After trying to work on my self esteem first, I decided in September it was time to get back into fitness like I had been my whole life. I came on thumbtack and scheduled meetings with five different trainers. I met with JJ first and cancelled the rest before I even had a workout with him. Honestly I hired him only based off of his personality and game plan for for getting me back into shape. He literally is one of the funniest people I have met. However he doesn't mess around when it's time to work. And each workout I find that he can push me to limits I didn't know I had. I have lost 24 pounds so far but have become so much stronger and healthier. We weight lift, do cardio, and he has taught me personal defense. I was skeptical paying money to get fit but I'm investing in my health and it truly makes me happy. (He is going to make fun of me for getting sappy on this but whatever he deserves it)

    Jillian P., hired Jonathan in 2015
  • Paul S. , hired Jonathan in 2015

    Working out has never been enjoyable for me. Even after I lost a significant amount of weight, hitting the gym was fairly low on my prioity list. Given that I'm not very self-motivated athletically, I realized I needed help. To say that I'm lucky to have found JJ right off the bat would be an understatement. He has completely changed my attitude towards physical fitness and although I like to complain throughout the workout, I love every painful minute of it. Not only is JJ incredibly professional (he knows what he's doing), but he's hilarious and easy to get along with. After only a month of 4 days a week, I've noticed some really significant changes. I'm lucky to have him and I look forward our future workouts.

    Paul S. , hired Jonathan in 2015
  • Natasha, hired Jonathan in 2015

    I was always wanted to have a beautiful fit body but sometimes I was just lazy and sometimes the motivation was not enough... I found the best trainer for myself - Jonathan Now sporting is one of the biggest parts of my life. My results and Jonathan's support motivate me everyday even more! J-J is a great trainer and a wonderful man!

    Natasha, hired Jonathan in 2015
  • Sara H., hired Jonathan in 2015

    I've only been working with JJ for a few weeks now, but I'm addicted. So far he's done a great job of tailoring my workouts to me and my goals. I love being able to show up to the gym and not have to worry about what I'm going to do, he just takes care of it. He does a great job of pushing you to go hard, without putting you at unnecessary risk for injury. He's conscious about my back injury at all times and checks in often to ensure we haven't made it worse. It's clear this guy knows what he's doing. Also, he's funny, which is a great quality in someone you're spending 1-on-1 time with, our sessions are never dull! I strongly recommend him.

    Sara H., hired Jonathan in 2015
  • Darren Chiappetta, hired Jonathan in 2015

    I've been working with trainers for about 10 years, and JJ is truly the best trainer I have ever had. He is truly invested in helping you achieve your goals, and he provides me with the push and support that I need. Instead of doing the same thing over and over again (like so many trainers do), he varies the workouts and will adapt the routine to my energy and strength level... all while keeping me on track and pushing me. Better yet, he's a great guy. JJ was an awesome find, and I have no doubt that I'll continue to see amazing results.

    Darren Chiappetta, hired Jonathan in 2015
  • Ezra, hired Jonathan in 2015

    I had no idea what I was doing when I first tried working out and ended up wasting time and money at the gym until I just gave up. JJ did a great job with showing someone like me the necessary routines to get the most you can out of every workout session and, more importantly, how to enjoy the process rather than hate it. He's a fun guy who knows what he's doing and is looking out for your gain rather than making money. Glad I chose him out of all the trainers on this site and would do it again in a second.

    Ezra, hired Jonathan in 2015
  • Kevin H., hired Jonathan in 2015

    Prior to working with JJ, my lifestyle wasn't very active. I knew i needed a personal trainer to help with my exercise routine, and JJ was the perfect guy. Since I started working with him 2 months ago, I am now definitely stronger, and he'll push you during training but still make it enjoyable. He also pointed out the things I needed to maintain during my off days, such as cardio. I definitely recommend him to help anyone who wants to start an active lifestyle.

    Kevin H., hired Jonathan in 2015
  • I was always wanted to have a beautiful fit body but sometimes I was just lazy and sometimes the motivation was not enough... I found the best trainer for myself - Jonathan Now sporting is one of the biggest parts of my life. My results and Jonathan's support motivate me everyday even more! J-J is a great trainer and a wonderful man!

    David L., hired Jonathan in 2015