The personal trainers and class instructors at Sparta Academy in Los Angeles are an elite team of fitness experts who are very good at obtaining maximum results for our clients. We train together, we grow together, and we have a fun time helping you reach your goals. Together, we teach everything we know about toning, strengthening, agility, fighting, self-defense, endurance, and sculpting our bodies into finely tuned machines.

Become A Sparta Academy Trainer?

If you are a personal trainer looking to use our facilities to train your clients, consider applying to be registered at Sparta Academy as an authorized personal trainer. We pre-screen each new trainer to make sure the experts we surround our members with are second to none. Get in touch and schedule an appointment to find out more.

If you are a Sparta Academy Member who already has your own personal trainer, feel free to suggest our facility to them, they are welcome to join you during your workouts once they are pre-screened.