Jonathan Howard

Tailor-Made Personal Training Programs Celebrity trainer, Jonathan Howard has trained everyone from top NFL and NBA athletes to the biggest actors and directors in Hollywood, parlaying his wealth [...]

Dayra Alamo

Born in Cuba and raised in Southern California. Dayra was raised in a Kempo-dominant household she became very familiar with that and Escrima. She continued to explore the world of martial arts, [...]

Richard Bresler

Richard is widely recognized as the first student of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in the USA. For almost twenty years, he worked closely alongside Rorion Gracie, helping to grow Jiu-Jitsu through the Gracie [...]

Philip Dabek

Philip grew up in New York, where his interest in martial arts began to flourish from watching action stars like Chuck Norris beat up bad guys on tv. Being the son of Polish immigrants who had [...]

Kadi Klausen

About Kadi Klausen Kadi has always been very active and really enjoys working out and encouraging others to reach their fitness goals. As a model, she has learned techniques to achieve your ideal [...]

Matt “Winter Soldier” Morrison

About Matt “Winter Soldier” Morrison Growing up in Massachusetts, Matt was a multi-sport athlete participating in baseball, basketball, football and track and field. While in college, [...]

Jason “Bomber” Mathew

I was born and raised in NY. I started my athletic journey in high school with competing in football and track. After college, I went back into athletics by studying martial arts such as [...]

Rome Swindell

Rome was born and raised in the Bay Area with a background in sports such as track & field and cross country. He has lived an active lifestyle playing basketball, biking, skateboarding, and [...]

David Altchech

About David Altchech David is a blue belt in both Krav Maga and BJJ and currently trains in BJJ and Muay Thai and has been training with Jonathan since 2012. He enjoys teaching the techniques he [...]

Ryan Reimer

About Ryan Reimer Ryan has been training in both martial arts and fitness for many years and has a perceptive and style to helping others. By tapping into each student’s individual learning [...]

Anthony Walker

About Anthony Walker Anthony has been a certified fitness professional since 2011 and has over 15 years of experience in the martial arts world. From either training with or coaching friends, to [...]

Cosme Palma

Cos has been training in both martial arts and fitness for many years and has a perceptive style to helping others. He has also competed in both Muay Thai and placed Bronze in SJJIF Worlds. By [...]