Evan Le

Assistant Coach and Fitness Trainer

    About Evan Le

    Before college, Evan mainly did endurance sports in high school. He thought the weight room wasn’t for guys like him. However, as soon as he bit the bullet and started weight training his freshman year in college, he immediately fell in love. He started with barbell training and within five years he won a silver medal in the Los Angeles USAPL Powerlifting Competition. Evan has traveled and trained in multiple fitness styles all around the country (yoga, crossfit, MMA, calisthenics, etc.) but mainly has focused on powerlifting.

    After training mainly around the USC-DTLA area, he came across Sparta Academy and was amazed by the facility, the coaches, and the philosophy of training as a functional athlete. He continues to train to become the best athlete and strength coach that he can be. His main goals as a coach are to help people gain confidence in their skills, strength, and appearance. In his spare time, Evan is a home cook, a gamer, and a proud owner of a German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix.

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