Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Sparta Academy is an elite gym that offers specialized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes in West Los Angeles. With a unique class environment with training for every skill level, our team of [...]

Fitness Classes

Sparta Academy offers a wide range of fitness classes in West Los Angeles. These classes are aimed to improve your personal health, fitness, strength, and well-being. We have an incredible [...]

Personal Training

One of the best personal training facilities in West Los Angeles is Sparta Academy. With the help of our experienced personal trainers, our gym boasts state-of-the-art equipment ready for you to [...]

MMA Classes

Sign up today for one of our MMA gym classes at Sparta Academy in West Los Angeles, California. Develop the power and physical capacity you’ve been seeking with our dedicated trainers who [...]

Krav Maga

Krav Maga classes at Sparta Academy in West LA is an incredibly intense, practical workout – and it can prepare you for dangerous real-life situations. At our unique gym in Southern [...]


Ramp up your cross-training classes at our state-of-the-art West Los Angeles gym, Sparta Academy. Our Sparta cross-training system is a unique and dynamic workout in multiple sports including [...]

Self-Defense Training

Self-defense training at Sparta Academy in West Los Angeles is an excellent way to get in shape and learn a valuable skill for everyday life. Everyone should know how to defend themselves when a [...]


Sparta Academy specializes in weightlifting training in West Los Angeles. Weightlifting improves and sculpts your form while increasing your body’s mobility. Our Los Angeles team of strength [...]

Bootcamp Training

Get in the best shape of your life with bootcamp training classes at Sparta Academy in West Los Angeles. Modeled after old-school military training, boot camps offer a more challenging and varied [...]

Muay Thai

If you’re looking for Muay Thai classes in West Los Angeles, Sparta Academy is here to take your mind and body to the next level. Our modern facility, master-level staff, and proven [...]


With kickboxing classes in West Los Angeles, Sparta Academy can help you to maximize your body’s potential at our state-of-the-art training facility. We’re determined to bring [...]

Sports Training & Conditioning

At Sparta Academy, we provide sports training and conditioning to athletes in the West Los Angeles area. Depending on what sport you are training for, it’s imperative to your body’s overall [...]


Whether your training for an event or desire effective self-defense techniques, let the highly skilled physical trainers assist you with boxing training and classes at Sparta Academy in Los [...]

Competition Training

At Sparta Academy, we can help you meet your competition training goals at our West Los Angeles Gym. Working with our personal trainers will boost your body’s muscles into a refined shape and the [...]

Strength Training

Sparta Academy is ready to help turn you into a physical powerhouse with a steady regimen of cross training at our exclusive West Los Angeles gym. We’re leading the charge in the cross [...]


We specialize in powerlifting at Sparta Academy in West Los Angeles. These exercises can have many overall benefits for the body. It can play a very important role in strengthening your muscles, [...]

Hand-To-Hand Combat Training

At Sparta Academy, our experienced staff is dedicated to teaching our clients the proper techniques of hand-to-hand combat in West Los Angeles. Martial arts can incorporate hand-to-hand combat [...]

Toning & Body Sculpting

When you’re ready to get serious about body toning and muscle building, stop by Sparta Academy in West Los Angeles and learn the best ways to optimize your workout with one of our elite and [...]

Grappling & Wrestling

At our elite Los Angeles gym, Sparta Academy offers freestyle wrestling and grappling classes. Our classes are a great way to have fun while learning life-long survival skills that could save [...]

Functional Training

If you are looking for a personal trainer who specializes in functional training, look no further than Sparta Academy in West Los Angeles. Six pack abs, rapid muscle gains, and a competition [...]

Speed & Agility Training

Sparta Academy invites you to become a better, faster athlete with speed and agility training at our Los Angeles, California facility. With increased speed and agility, you’ll discover what [...]

Cardio & Endurance

At Sparta Academy, we believe in the benefits of adding cardio to your training sessions at our facility in West Los Angeles. If your cross-training routine isn’t making room to include [...]

Exercise & Weight Loss

At Sparta Academy in Los Angeles, we’re here to help you accomplish weight loss results from your exercise routine. If you’re looking to begin your journey or need to change up your [...]